Family Constellation Sessions

Harold Shinsato, facilitator

Our next session is

Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018
2-6 pm  $25

This session will be held at the
White Stone Center
Fifth and State Streets
Hamilton, Montana

Family Constellations: Healing Through Systemic Awareness

An Introduction

The White Stone Center invites you to attend our second “Family Constellation” introductory workshop. The new CSL location offers us a beautiful and large space in which to host this workshop.
In Family Constellations, there is one “client” at a time whom the facilitator gently interviews to help determine which part of the family or other system needs to be represented in order to get clarity about what needs loving attention. The client then invites other participants to stand in to represent these family members or parts of the system in which the client is a part, and to place them in relationship to each other. “Parts of the system” are usually people, but sometimes they can be abstract, like the client’s “heart”, “mind”, or “body.”
Note: Many have reported significant personal and family evolution and healing through the Family Constellation approach. The newer science of epigenetics has shown how trauma and adverse experiences can be passed down through many generations.

Healing happens often for the representatives as well as for the client because we have so much in common in our shared humanity. But no one is required to represent a part of the system or a family member. Just from witnessing others, there can be healing and growth.

The representative need know nothing about the people or issue. In fact, it is better if they don’t. No special abilities are needed to represent other than being human. The representatives will be gently interviewed as to what they feel and where they might want to move.

As humans, we are extraordinarily sensitive and empathic. The power of this approach may make no sense until you experience it, but the impact is profound and often deeply moving.

As some movement is involved, please dress comfortably.


About Your Facilitator

Harold Shinsato has been studying and practicing Systemic Constellation work since 2011 under several experienced facilitators and is a second year student with Brigitte Sztab in her year long Learning Circles. He is also an ICF certified coach, a co-founder of Montana Code School, founder of Montana Agile Culture House, and a board member of the Open Space Institute.

Harold has been studying systems intensively most of his life as a software engineer, and the last fifteen years through the study and practice of coaching and organizational transformation. He is a co-developer of the large system evolution approach, OpenSpace Agility, which Harold has used to support the evolution of organizations such as C3 Business Solutions, University of Montana IT, Oregon State University IT, Intuit, Capitol One, and the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center. Harold has spoken and keynoted coast to coast and is co-author of the book The OpenSpace Agility Handbook. You can learn more about Harold through his website